Karen was born in a small town in East Texas in the early 1950’s. Her mother was of European ancestry while her father was Native American. Her father passed away when she was two.

Her mother remarried and throughout her childhood and early teen years, Karen spent her weekends on her step father’s family’s farm in rural East Texas on the outskirts of the Piney Wood Thicket. Canning, picking peanuts, cotton, butchering hogs, churning butter, tending a smokehouse, raising cattle and cooking on a wood stove were but a few of her accomplishments.

Her first occupation out of high school was cosmetologist. She married, had a daughter, and enrolled in college. After receiving a degree in nursing, she specialized in helping those with psychological issues.

Her husband started working at the oil fields in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska which led her to eventually move to Wasilla, Alaska. After many years as Director of Nursing she was offered and accepted a position with Alaska Native Association in Fairbanks.

After a divorce. Karen decided to move back to the “lower 48” and found herself working child and adult psych in Chicago. It was at that time that she met her current husband. 

She moved to rural Michigan into her new husband’s home in the woods. She took a job in nursing and in her off time, developed an obsession with landscaping, gardening, and on-line gaming. World of Warcraft actually inspired her to write her first novel, Embellished.

Today, when she is not working as a registered nurse or writing, she enjoys family, friends, cooking, camping, canoeing the Pine River, Facebook, gardening, online gaming, reading, good movies (especially horror and paranormal romance), and her flock of chickens. She and her husband share their home in the woods with two cats, Flopsy & Mopsy, and their shaggy dog, Festus.