Exalted (Chronicles of Orian Book 3)

In the final book of the Chronicles of Orian series humans and humanoids alike have finally recouped from the vengeful Scaf wars. Randar and Bekka, as well as the inhabitants of Zentha, have now enjoyed eighteen years of peace and prosperity—but that’s all about to change dramatically.

Morgana, the last hope of the Vadarc Nation, has blossomed into a beautiful princess, primed and ready to ascend Uldrame’s throne—or so it would seem. The blue-eyed deuce, suddenly finds herself battling not only her volatile Vadarc temperament, but unbidden images instilled at birth by the Orpher’s bite. As the prophetic visions, fueled by a lustfully handsome, yet deadly drone, push her to the brink of insanity, she finds herself teetering between prideful, Vadarc heritage and a morbid desire for Scaf revenge.

Vlad, first born of the evolutionary hatchlings, has come of age and quickly discovers that he is not alone. Fueled by lust, revenge and an insatiable desire not only for blood, but human souls, the hatchlings ravage the land, scores of nude and blood less corpses left in their wake.

Amidst the mayhem, scores of events, cataclysmic in nature, escalate and worlds collide. The hatchlings, no longer at the top of the food chain, find themselves pitted against Langarres, an old and ruthless adversary made up of dominant female Magus and subservient male Acolytes that morph human to wolf to serve their masters. Seemingly, all is lost and as the populous succumbs and the rotting bones of Orian’s soil, cry out for revenge, the land, believed by the Scaf to be a living, breathing entity, strikes back. In the final hours of this antiquated era, Bekka, cast from one world to another and plagued, not only by voices her entire life, but horrific nightmares come’s face to face with the shocking truth.

Was it all just the psychotic fantasy of a dying girl or was she simply snared—“In the Game of Life.”

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