Karen’s newest novel, ‘The Taking of Peggy Martin’ is set to be published very soon!

Taking of Peggy Martin

‘The Taking of Peggy Martin’ takes place in Texas, where Peggy, a young nurse, works at an institution for the criminally insane. After her husband Danny is mysteriously killed in a car accident, she convinces herself that it was murder and she knows the murderer by name—Jasper Johnson. When she gets notice from Marbelle Johnson, Jasper’s mother, requesting an impromptu meeting she discovers that the filthy rich oil baroness believes Danny to be her deceased husband’s bastard child.

Peggy, irreparably damaged from childhood by religious fanaticism, reluctantly agrees to exhume Danny’s body. Reeling with doubt, all the while fearing betrayal by the Johnson’s, she finds herself bordering on insanity.

Shackled in darkness, Peggy throws herself into her work only to find herself face to face with a blonde haired, blue eyed schizophrenic in a strait jacket. Quiet by circumstance she discovers that this patient, Morgan Dubois, who as a child was found burrowed in the ground in the Pineywood Thicket, has a link not only to her late husband, but also to the aberrations of her mind.

As secrets are revealed and it becomes apparent that something or someone wants to silence them, Peggy is forced to seek refuge with the Johnsons. Together, as death finds them one by one, they set upon a perilous journey in search of the truth. Deep in the heart of the Pineywood Thicket, they stumble upon Cypress Creek and discover an existence older than time itself. Peggy, caught in a maelstrom of emotions and torn between two worlds, finds herself in the battle of her life, not only to keep herself alive, but also to save all of mankind.

‘Embellished’ is free, today only, on Amazon– ‘Exalted’ will be published very soon!

Book 3 of the Chronicles of Orian, ‘Exalted’, is due back from the editor within a couple days and after that we should be able to quickly review the edits and format the book for publishing.  We expect to have it available on Amazon and other sites no later than Memorial day.


To help celebrate we are offering Book 1 of the Chronicles of Orian trilogy for free today only (May 18, 2017, until midnight Pacific time) on Amazon.  Click here to download your free digital version now.  After today it will go back to the regular price, which is only 99¢ for the digital version.  The paperback is available at that same link for $7.99.