Open Thread: Ask Karen a Question

Here is your opportunity to ask Karen a question about anything.  Just click on “leave a comment” and ask away.  She’ll either answer in the comments or possibly in a separate blog post.

11 thoughts on “Open Thread: Ask Karen a Question”

    1. Hi Jenny. I have a (near) completed novel about a young nurse in East Texas who finds herself at odds with a patient at Rusk State Hospital. It’s a paranormal romance with a good dose of horror. I love it and the story which is a spinoff of childhood nightmares suffered after listening to countless tales by my grandfather, huddled around a fireplace, deep in the Piney wood thicket may well chill you to the bone. It’s a bizarre love story…rather complicated…but unforgettable.

      Once the above-mentioned novel is released, I have another trilogy which delves into yet another historical paranormal romance. This particular trilogy (which is near finished) takes place in and around modern day Italy, involving Celts and Romans, Marcus Camillus, a Soothsayer and a love that transcends reality. It touches about every human emotion…and I promise…you will fall in love…you will cry and in the end, you will yearn for more. I did.

      I have another trilogy, but it needs work, it’s a vampire series, but in light of so much on vampires flooding the market…I will stall it for now.

      I am dying to write a story that keeps playing in my head about three years now and try as I may I cannot escape it, so it must be told. It’s a story of a young girl raised by her father, who comes to realize that her whole life has been a lie. After an attempt on her life, she discovers that her mother didn’t die in childbirth, but was instead murdered by a thousand-year curse. Nearing the age of eighteen, she comes to realize that the curse has returned and there’s only one way to stop it. She must go back in time and change history. Can she…or will the curse placed upon her female lineage claim her as well? It’s a story of survival and fighting odds… few if any can win.

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      1. I do hope you write the last story, that one sounds like it would be my favorite. I love vampire stories stories also, as long as the vampires do not sparkle. I have heard stories that came out of Rusk state hospital that gave me chills. I will definitely give it a try, but I must admit if I start having nightmares I may have to stop. I can’t wait to read more!


    2. Thank you, Jenny. Yes, at some point I would like to pursue that story line. At the moment, I have so many stories in my head that its mindboggling.
      I just recently promised another fan, Kate B., a Mermaid tale and I have others already asking for more of Chasing The Red Queen. Donja and Makayla are a big hit.
      Eventually I will write them all… one tale at a time. You have my word.
      Happy reading!


  1. Hi Karen! So exciting to see you have your own website Congrats!
    Here’s a question for ya… What are some of your favorite books to read? And why? Also, where did you draw your inspiration for the Chronicles of Orian series?
    Happy new year!


    1. Thank you, Katie. Reading…hmm in my younger years I enjoyed Stephen King, one of my all-time favorites but as life got hectic, job, chasing a career, etc.… I got away from reading. At some point, I got back into reading something besides medical journals and found that I like Dean Koontz. He is a great author in my opinion. Just recently I read one of Monica McCarty’s books, a great story about Robert Boyd, legendary warrior. I tend to favor historical fantasy, paranormal, out of the ordinary with a toss of romance. I enjoy dreaming (fantasy is sometimes better than reality) and when I do…it’s historical more times than not. Just last year I read J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring Series (4 books). I enjoyed them, but found the reading difficult due to his style…however he sucked me in, so…I read them with no regrets.

      Inspiration for the “E” series as I call them, Embellished, Extolled and the last Exalted, Chronicles of Orian, came from real life experience be it a patient I cared for, a painful stab to my own heart, a lost love, death, betrayal…god knows all those emotions find us in life, there’s no escape and so I simply weaved a story which started with Marfan’s and it all just fell into place. Add in a dose of online gaming and the story came to life. I could actually see the characters, I knew them well, even their darkest secrets. Oddly enough, at times the E series was actually writing itself and I was no more than a silent observer. On those days, I sat at my computer for hours, unable to pull myself away as the story played in my mind, frame after frame. I lived it…I loved it and I wanted to share it.

      Thank you for reading my books, Katie…I am honored.

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  2. Congrats on your second book release!
    I went ahead and downloaded a sample of your first book to see if it would be something I would be interested in reading and reviewing. I’m intrigued.
    Thanks for following my blog!

    I was wondering what you think the hardest part of revisions and editing are?
    This will be my first book. It’s hard not to be antsy and get ahead of myself. It’s hard to keep reading the same words over and over again. At what point did you pass off your book to an editor and/or beta readers? Just looking for a little insight and a few tips on what you think is the best route to take when it comes to revisions and editing.

    I love your book covers. Very pretty!

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    1. Thanks for visiting my site, I’m honored. I’m going to cut to the chase with your questions and hopefully prevent you from making my mistakes. I wrote Embellished in 2010 and after I finished the trilogy, I put it aside. I began another trilogy which is finished in rough draft, then worked on a prior Vampire trilogy which is also completed (rough draft). I got wrapped up in life and didn’t write for a while, then had a brainstorm idea (nightmare of sorts) that woke me up in the middle of the night. I went to work writing the next day. It is a paranormal romance with a bit of horror. It’s completed and I plan to make it a trilogy as well, but before I could work on the second and third in that trilogy, I began thinking of Embellished. I opened it up for a gander and by chapter 5 realized I was totally hooked. I read the entire thing, found myself crying, laughing and if you read the whole book you will find out why. I won’t lie…I fell in love. I did a few revisions and sent it to an editor. When I got it back, I was well into book two, very busy and didn’t take adequate time to complete the edits. I was antsy and pushed to get it published. Not my brightest moment. It has mistakes, missing commas, etc. not major, but enough to make me cringe for as you well know…our books are our babies. We give birth and we nourish from deep in our hearts. To go back and see flaws is heartbreaking. I considered pulling it back but it was already out there and I was getting feedback which amazingly was good. So, it is my lesson in life. Use my mistake to your benefit. Finish your novel, read it again and again and I know you’re antsy but don’t do it. Send it to an editor, complete revisions, read it again and proof it. Then your ready to sail your vessel till the river runs dry. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy Embellished, it’s the game of life, one we all live.

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      1. Thanks so much for your advice!

        I started the sample of Embellished tonight… and I’m blown away. I mean, I haven’t even bought the full version of it yet, which of course I will now! I just spent the last five minutes telling my husband about the plot and what I’ve read of the sample so far.
        I think I might be in shock lol. I love it!
        So, well done! 😄😆😍😍❤

        You’ve definitely hooked me, so I’ll review it as soon as I finish it, which at this rate might be tomorrow 😆 lol.



    1. At some point, yes. The last book ended with a great opening for a new saga. I am currently working on several new books, one of which was just released, Chasing The Red Queen, another great #PNR. Once I am caught up… it will continue. Thank you.


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