‘Embellished’ is free, today only, on Amazon– ‘Exalted’ will be published very soon!

Book 3 of the Chronicles of Orian, ‘Exalted’, is due back from the editor within a couple days and after that we should be able to quickly review the edits and format the book for publishing.  We expect to have it available on Amazon and other sites no later than Memorial day.


To help celebrate we are offering Book 1 of the Chronicles of Orian trilogy for free today only (May 18, 2017, until midnight Pacific time) on Amazon.  Click here to download your free digital version now.  After today it will go back to the regular price, which is only 99¢ for the digital version.  The paperback is available at that same link for $7.99.

Extolled, book 2 in the Chronicles of Orian Trillogy has been published!


In book two, Extolled, Audra, who is Bekka’s long lost daughter, finds that her whole life has been a lie. Now sixteen, she falls for the handsome face of a shape-shifting beast called Mardrid. Ordered to seduce her…or die, Mardrid finds himself in a battle he may not win, for the warmth of her body ignites such a primal need to feed that maintaining human persona, is all but impossible.