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Chasing the Red Queen

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Donja Bellanger, suffering after the death of her father, finds herself in dire straits when her mom takes a new husband. Forced not only to move to a strange city, but to share a room with her glamorous, new stepsister, Makayla Hampton, her life spirals out of control. Makayla lures her from goth to glam straight into an exclusive club, not only for wealthy elites but Immortal Descendants. Donja crosses paths with Torin Mancini and he’s too damn handsome to be real. Torin, who has concealed his identity as a powerful ancient sprit for eight hundred years, sets his eyes on Donja; there’s something about her blood, something he can’t walk away from. He’s not alone. A deadly predator has picked up her scent. Stalked, she reaches out to Torin, but the lure of her blood has him on edge. As Torin battles his heart desires and feelings he thought buried and gone, one thing is clear: they have as much, if not more to fear of each other, than the predator who would have her life. Is love enough? Can she accept him for what he is and better yet, can he control his hungry, hungry eyes? A beautiful love story with relentless action, elite battles and steamy moments…unforgettable!

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The Taking of Peggy Martin

Taking of Peggy Martin

The setting is East Texas where Peggy, a young nurse, works at an institution for the criminally insane. After her husband Danny is mysteriously killed in a car accident, she convinces herself that it was murder… and she knows the murderer by name… Jasper Johnson. When she gets notice from Marbelle Johnson, Jasper’s mother, requesting an impromptu meeting, she discovers that the filthy rich oil baroness believes Danny to have been the bastard child of her deceased husband, Charles Johnson.

Peggy, irreparably damaged from childhood by religious fanaticism, reluctantly agrees to exhume Danny’s body. Reeling with doubt, all the while fearing betrayal by the Johnsons, she finds herself bordering on insanity.

Shackled in darkness, Peggy throws herself into her work only to find herself face to face with a blonde haired, blue eyed schizophrenic in a straitjacket. Quite by circumstance she discovers that this patient, Morgan Dubois, who as a child was found burrowed in the ground in the Piney Wood Thicket, has a link not only to her late husband, but also to the aberrations of her mind.

As secrets are revealed and it becomes apparent that something or someone wants to silence their tongues, Peggy is forced to seek refuge with the Johnsons. Together, as death finds them, one by one, they set upon a perilous journey in search of truth. Deep in the heart of the Piney Wood Thicket, they stumble upon Cypress Creek and discover an existence older than time itself. Peggy, caught in a maelstrom of emotions, torn between two worlds, finds herself in a desperate battle, not only for her life, but for that of all of mankind.

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The Chronicles of Orian Series:

Book 1 Embellished


For sixteen-year-old Bekka Kurth, who is suffering from a rare disease, death seems imminent until she finds herself along with her brother and friends transported into a dangerous, medieval new world. In full remission, she meets a real-to-life prince, then quite by circumstance, another. Suddenly she finds that falling for them both isn’t the worst of her problems. One of them is not human.

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Book 2 Extolled


In book two, “Extolled,” Audra, Bekka’s long lost daughter, finds that her whole life has been a lie. Now sixteen, she falls for the handsome face of a shape-shifting beast called Mardrid. Ordered to seduce her…or die, Mardrid finds himself in a battle he may not win, for the warmth of her body ignites such a primal need to feed and that maintaining human persona, is all but impossible.

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Book 3 Exalted


The Scaf hatchlings have come of age. With an insatiable lust for blood they lord over humanity, plucking souls at will until the Langarres find a path to Orian. Pitted against dominant female Magus and male Acolytes, the hatchlings quickly discover that without an Orpher, their race all their all sacrificial beings and doomed. With death a constant, Randar and Bekka face their greatest challenge.

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2 thoughts on “Where to Buy Karen’s Books”

  1. I received an ARC of Embellished in exchange for an honest review, and it was a terrific read. There were a few imperfections, including some minor formatting issues, but I felt the overall product still deserved a 5-star review. The story starts off with some college boys playing a video game at the beach house of Travis’s family while a hurricane looms off the coast. Travis’s sister, Bekka, is in her room a few doors down, deathly ill with an incurable disease. Travis convinces Bekka to join the game and (yada, yada, yada…hurricane…electrical storm… sucked into the game.) This is the weakest part of the story, but it’s explained more later in and gets you to where the real story begins so it’s easy to overlook.

    Once the kids are inside the game, the action, adventure, romance begins. Bekka’s a girl who has been terminally ill most of her life but now finds herself healthy and able to experience all the things she never could in the real world, but there is danger all around. When Bekka meets a human princess, she has a best friend for the first time ever and her first prospect of romance with the the princess’s brother, Prince Vallas. He’s handsome, brave and smitten with Bekka, but she’s not without rivals for his affection. (There are many interesting side characters in embellished and some of them deserve their own story.)

    Aside from humans, there are several other races but the one that gets the most attention is the Vadarcs, a warrior race and the main “baddies” of the video game. The humans of the game’s world perceive Vadarcs as filthy, foul-smelling brutes and look down on them as animals, but we learn they aren’t as unrefined and sadistic as they initially seem nor are the humans completely blameless in the conflict. When Bekka gets carted off to the Vadarc kingdom, enter bachelor number 2…

    I won’t spoil the surprises, but I will say the author does a good job of showing there are two sides to every story with the truth falling somewhere in the middle. She beautifully illustrates the different cultures and shows what motivates the characters and what has shaped them into the people they are.

    I hope to see a lot more from this author!


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